Hello, my lovelies. So about once or twice a week, I have a fun bout with insomnia. And so last night, during one of my fun little episodes where I could not catch any Z's, I was thinking about selfies and how important they actually are in today's mainstream media. It's not just important to have a, like a facial presence on your social media account, 
but it's also important because you need to have a way to connect and personalize yourself to your future clients or customers or current followers. So I was thinking about the woman who kind of brought it all to light and he completely vein away. We all know who that would be. That would be Kim Kardashian. She completely created a brand of just herself and created a book of just herself to give to her now husband Kanye West.

So I know a lot of us don't have these many selfies lying around, but this woman made a book out of it just as a gift to give somebody. So if she can be so confident as to create an entire book of selfies -- look how thick this thing is, holy moly! -- Surely you can wrap your mind around the fact that it's important to have a facial presence on your Instagram account, on your Facebook profile page to have a great icon, and to really personalize yourself in the way that you present yourself to your current and future clients, customers, and followers.