You’ve Got It. Flaunt It.

As a woman who had struggled for years to accept and love her body, she was tired of seeing herself as "lesser than." Fashion brands weren't offering anything that made her feel good in her body. And shopping for tops that didn't take real, human proportions into consideration was chipping away at her self-esteem. It was time for a radical change in perspective. 

Pebby created her own line of tees with one significant tweak: A universally flattering side-slit design that looked great and felt amazing. Finally, she loved what she saw when she looked in the mirror. 

As Pebby's confidence grew, so did her tribe of loyal followers. Today, Pebby Forevee is a community built on self-love and acceptance, feeling yourself day in and day out — without anyone's permission but your own.

Our brand is built on a real human understanding of what it's like to struggle with accepting your body after a baby, postpartum depression, motherhood, anxiety, dating woes, and more.

Society places an intense amount of scrutiny on women's bodies. And the truth is that most of us deal with feelings of insecurity and unhappiness because we don't feel like we fit the mold of perfection. But we don't have to be their version of perfect. All we have to do is love ourselves. And that's where we come in.

We’re a brand committed to creating fashion-forward looks that inspire confidence. Every. Damn. Day.


Pebby Forevee headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio. Our incredible team is dedicated to consistency, outstanding customer service, and a desire to change the way women feel in their own skin.

Our side slit tees are manufactured in California, and printed to order in Ohio and Virginia before making it to your door!


Pebby Forevee has been published on/in FOX28, Martha Stewart, Buzzfeed, ABC, SHAPE Magazine, and Teen Mom 2.

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