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Our company is dedicated to giving you comfortable and trendy pieces that can be worn time and time again without any fuss.

What We're Known For:

Our side slit tees invoke confidence, flatter a woman's curves, and have appealing graphics. Our vintage-inspired tees get softer with every wash.


"The versatility and user friendly layout of this planner is why it works. It's the only one I've ever continuously used." -Ashley

"It's not about making plans. It's about their purpose."

Unlike any other planner you've ever used.

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"If you're telling me the only way I can become organized is to adhere to someone else's way of planning, I have already failed."

Up until now, trying to find a way to keep my life balanced has been one failed attempt after another. It's not just about balancing appointments,... Read More

Who We Are

No matter what your style is, we want to supply you with fashionable, versatile, and comfortable looks you can rely on. You shouldn't have to compromise on comfort just for the sake of style. Look good, feel good, be confident in yourself. 

Who is Pebby?

Pebby is a woman who struggled with body image her entire life. Upon stumbling across a $40 screen printing kit, she created her own line of tees that were universally flattering and that had appealing graphic design. Her ability to relate to women by allowing herself to be transparent about her struggles: body after baby, postpartum depression, the struggles of being a mother, anxiety, dating woes, the list goes on... and while trying to find solutions to those problems whilst documenting it in the public eye soon created a tribe of loyal followers on her Instagram and Facebook page.

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Eavesdrop on my conversation a powerful, bad-#%$ lady

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