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Hi, I'm Pebby!

Whether it's pertaining to your outlook on life, or how your outfit makes you feel, I want you to feel good about yourself. I want you to be comfortable with not only who you are but what you're wearing as well. As a woman I know there is nothing harder than feeling comfortable in your own skin. I used to be exceedingly overweight, which makes having flattering styles and sizes the most important option I can offer to my customers. You shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for style (or vice versa) no matter what size you are.

I taught myself how to screen print and we make almost everything right from my  studio located in Columbus Ohio. I have an incredible team that helps me design, style, ship, and more right from our studio. Almost everything we sell is hand made by us and especially for you.

I'm also single a mom with a vigorous passion for life. I prefer to show what life is really like, not just the complimentary highlights. Follow me on instagram to see the behind-the-scenes of life as a single mother who is running a business, trying to maintain a social life, make it to the gym, slay her goals and try to obtain some sort of love life. I promise you, it's never boring. And... there are coupon codes... so win-win.


Can't wait to meet you! 

-xo, Pebby



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