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About Pebby

About Pebby

Pebby is a woman who struggled with body image her entire life.

Upon stumbling across a $40 screen printing kit, she created her own line of tees that were universally flattering and that had appealing graphic design. Her ability to relate to women by allowing herself to be transparent about her struggles: body after baby, postpartum depression, the struggles of being a mother, anxiety, dating woes, the list goes on... and while trying to find solutions to those problems whilst documenting it in the public eye soon created a tribe of loyal followers on her Instagram and Facebook page.

Pebby Forevee is a brand that is determined to create fashion-forward looks that will evoke confidence in those who wear it. They are a brand that believe you can have your cake and eat it too: look and feel comfortable at the same time. You should never have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Pebby Forevee works from a warehouse in Columbus, Ohio with an incredible team dedicated to consistency, outstanding customer service, and a desire to change the way women feel in their own skin.

Pebby Forevee has been published on/in FOX28, Martha Stewart, Buzzfeed, ABC, SHAPE Magazine, and Teen Mom 2.

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