For me, the holidays can be especially triggering. I choose to spend them alone, which can make this time of year somewhat painful and isolating. So, if you’re like me and have a tough time dealing with the holidays, here are some things that I’ve always done to make the best of this season. 


1. Celebrate Your Damn Self

I always buy myself something nice. I don’t have brothers or sisters or a dad that gives me gifts. There is no Christmas morning with everyone together. But, ‘tis the season, so… 😂. I usually get myself something that I wouldn’t normally give myself. Like a bag I want, or a trip somewhere. If no one is going to get me a fucking gift, I’m going to get it myself.  

2. Think Outside Your Town

Plan a trip! I actually prefer to take my daughter Harper and I on a trip somewhere instead of exchanging gifts. Last year was the first year we tried giving gifts, and it just wasn’t the same. She was bored during Christmas day, and overall the experience of going somewhere or doing something is a more lasting experience than material things. She looks forward to that every year and prefers it to getting gifts. She still gets a few things but we will be making a return to our travel tradition for sure. This year, she’ll be spending it with her dad, so as a single mom it’s important that I make sure it’s extra special for her when she’s with me. 

3. Protect Yourself From Whatever Triggers You!

Be aware of whatever upsets you and don’t feel the need to explain or defend your triggers. For whatever reason, Christmas movies are harder for me to watch this year than ever before. So, knowing that they’re actually starting to make me feel bad I’ve decided to simply avoid them. And that’s OK! 

4. Make The Holidays About Others, Not Yourself

If you’re good at baking cookies, bake several batches and give them away. USPS workers and any kind of service provider would love to have them. This year, Harper and I plan on volunteering at a soup kitchen so that we can be a part of something that is bigger than us and remember that this season is the season for giving. It always makes me feel better when I step outside of myself and my own needs and help fill the ones of others.  



Do you have any tips of your own? I always love to hear them! My DMs are always open.