I have no idea what I'm doing at the gym. I have no idea how to write. (I probably have grammatical errors everywhere.) I have no idea how to actually run a business. Ya wanna know a secret? Most people don't know how they do what they do every day, either. (Except for those in healthcare....Dear Lord let's everyone say a prayer right now that they are highly educated and responsible people.) I get on the treadmill at the gym and see what everyone else's pace is. If they are clearly in better shape than me, I give myself a break. If we seem to be about the same size and age, I try to keep up with them (for about 10 minutes and then that's good enough...) I don't know how to write out all and these emails and they take at least an hour or so to type out. As for my business, I see what I want my website to look like by mimicking other fashion industry brands that speak to me and the vision I have for my company. I model my product photography after what I see they are doing, and I just do my best to make it look as professional as possible...even when I shoot with the lens from my iPhone.

For example:

Behind the scenes of a photoshoot with a bed sheet backdrop

I don't have a studio that I take our pictures in. Most of the time I throw up a sheet hung with a few heavy duty magnets on our back garage door at work. RIGHT NEXT DOOR is a yard full of working men working on lord-knows-what, but the mailman we all share has let us in on the secret that they are very aware of the "girls over there". They have seen many things... like my boob falling out of that red shirt today as we were taking pictures (using a tripod and a self timer.)

Yep, that happened.

The end result of the photoshoot


The final picture that has been enhanced with the lovely apps called Facetune and Lightroom. In Facetune I was able to smooth out my chest and cheeks. I did a little to Nicole, but she's perfect and it's gross and doesn't need much done and I kinda hate her for it (kidding). The colors of the photo were enhanced using a preset that goes along with Lightroom.

Sometimes you have to fake it til you make it. And if I'm being totally honest, I fake it ... a lot. I've learned how to do so much of my business by just trying techniques that I've done some research on that could apply or by just trying to recreate looks I admired from other brands.

Below are some of photos (totally retouched, and taken in front of a bedsheet held up with heavy duty magnets, outside by the lumbar yard guys, with a Lightroom filter slapped on them.)

Photoshoot image showing orange top

Photoshoot image showing outfit and handbag

Photoshoot image showing black top