Pebby Forevee FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We absolutely understand things happen and you may need to cancel your order! All you need to do is contact us at with your order number and a request to cancel. 

*Once an item has begun the fulfillment stage, and you have received your fulfillment confirmation email, we are unable to cancel your order.

If your order has not begun the fulfillment process, we are more than happy to help accommodate changes to your order details or shipping address! This could include a size alteration, removal of an item or items, and adding additional items. 

*If your order has already started the fulfillment process, we will do our best to accommodate change requests, but they cannot be guaranteed. 

A tracking number is automatically generated when we print your packing list and shipping label! Because we are a small team who prints and tags all of our tees to order, our fulfillment process tends to take longer than some other companies! 

We usually estimate that the fulfillment stage of order processing takes approximately 2 business days. (We often print a couple of order dates at a time so that we can be prepping, making tees, and packing to ship all at the same time and to keep things moving!)

Once your package has been picked up by UPS or USPS, it usually takes them an additional 1-2 business days to complete their scanning and sorting process! 

Because our packages are not scanned in our facility at time of pickup, we are at the mercy of our carriers processing times. If it has been 5 days or more following receipt of your fulfillment confirmation email and you are still not seeing movement on your tracking, please reach out to us at with your order number!

We are so sorry about that! 

Please send us an email at with:

  1. Your order number
  2. A photo of your packing slip 
  3. A photo (or photos) of your item(s)
  4. (If you had a missing item, please include numbers 1. and 2.)

We are always more than happy to work with you to provide a refund or replacement as long as we are notified of the issue within 30 days of package delivery or as soon as possible.

Sometimes due to supply chain issues or other circumstances out of our control,  we can end up unexpectedly waiting on a certain design or a certain tee color / size to arrive from a 3rd party.

Once we receive that stock back in, we will email you a secondary fulfillment email with new tracking for your remaining items!

If you would like further details, feel free to contact us at with your order number.

Most orders will ship out within 5-7 business days of ordering because we don't just grab these items off a shelf & stuff them into a bag - we make most of them just for you! All of our side slit tees are printed and tagged to order!

*We do like to add a little bit of leeway to accommodate for any unforeseen circumstances, so it’s possible that timeframe could extend to 10 business days, though this is not common.

Orders are subject to verification and approval before shipping and may take up to 48 hours to process. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. Please allow extra time during Holidays. 

When we get to your order date for fulfillment, you will receive a fulfillment confirmation email. 

Your tracking link is provided at the bottom of your email! 

PLEASE NOTE: Receipt of your fulfillment confirmation email does not mean that your order will ship on this date. Please allow around 48hrs for us to complete the fulfillment phase of your order, prior to UPS and USPS pickup.

Tracking numbers may take 24-48 hours to be scanned by our carriers.

Sometimes due to supply chain issues or other circumstances out of our control,  we can end up unexpectedly waiting on a certain design or a certain tee color / size to arrive from a 3rd party.

Once we receive that stock back in, we will email you a secondary fulfillment email with new tracking for your remaining items!

If you would like further details, feel free to contact us at with your order number.

Yes, we ship outside the US! Orders shipped to APO/FPO, Alaska, Hawaii, US territories and PO boxes cannot be expedited. Please note some APO/FPO locations may take an extended amount of time for delivery due to customs.

We are not responsible for any additional costs of shipping for out of the country orders. Any packages that are denied or sent back will be refunded for the items in the order but will not be reimbursed for initial shipping charges as those are the responsibility of the customer. 

Unfortunately, our warehouse is closed to the public and we do not allow in-person pick-up. Thank you for your understanding!

Although the shipping may indicate a successful delivery, many times with USPS the order will not be delivered for a few days. At times, delivery notifications are sent early in order to meet their deadlines, or other unforeseen circumstances. Oftentimes, packages will be successfully delivered in the next 1-3 days. Wait a couple days, and you should receive it! (This is less likely with UPS but occasionally can still occur!)

If you do not, or if in the meantime you would like to try to acquire more information, our suggestion is to contact your local post office with your tracking number, and they should be more helpful with tracking down your item!

Here is a link to some additional resources that other customers have found to be helpful:    

USPS -    


*Pebby Forevee cannot be held responsible for conditions beyond our control such as severe weather, lost, stolen, mis-delivered or damaged packages that have been marked delivered by USPS/UPS, or service interruptions. 

**We utilize UPS SurePost. This means that sometimes USPS will take over for final delivery. If USPS has taken over the final delivery, you will see two tracking links on your UPS page. In this instance, you will want to reach out to USPS to file a claim.

If you notice that your package delivery was unsuccessful and your order is being sent back to us, we ask you do a few things:

  1. Check your order details and ensure that everything looks correct before contacting us
  2. Reach out to us at and let us know what’s going on so that we can keep an eye out for that package!
  3. Make us aware of any changes, or if your information is correct, and we’re happy to re-ship that for you.

First, we’re so sorry! Unfortunately, when it comes to shipping, our customer service is only able to see the same tracking information that you are! 

You will want to contact the carrier (USPS / UPS) directly with your tracking number to gain more information on what is going on with your package!

We utilize USPS as well as UPS SurePost! 

UPS SurePost is kind of a hybrid delivery system. It’s possible that your delivery will be handled by UPS from start to finish, or USPS will take over for the final delivery!

If this is the case, you will see a “Postal Service” tracking number above your UPS tracking that you can track via the USPS website for the most up to date tracking information! 

At this time, we do not provide pre-paid shipping labels for exchanges. 

When you select the items you would like to use your store credit on for your exchange, you can use code - BACKAGAIN - for free shipping on your replacement. Or, if your order is $75 or more, you will automatically receive free shipping! 

Note: You can only use one discount code at a time.

For all information regarding our exchange process, please visit:

At this time, yes! We know it seems a little complicated, but due to the custom-nature of many of our products, and potentially changing inventory / availability, this process gives everyone equal opportunity to do either an even exchange or select all new items! 

Thanks for hanging in there with us as we learn, grow, and evolve!

As a woman who had struggled for years to accept and love her body, she was tired of seeing herself as "lesser than." Fashion brands weren't offering anything that made her feel good in her body. And shopping for tops that didn't take real, human proportions into consideration was chipping away at her self-esteem. It was time for a radical change in perspective. 

Pebby created her own line of tees with one significant tweak: A universally flattering side-slit design that looked great and felt amazing. Finally, she loved what she saw when she looked in the mirror.  Read more about Pebby’s story here!

Once we had the custom body created, it was important to us to work alongside a manufacturer right here in the USA to make this dream happen. Our manufacturer is right in Los Angeles, who ensures their workers a living wage, and utilizes USA-grown cotton! A win-win all around. 

Our side slit tees are created to be slightly oversized in nature with a more unisex body construction, and a length about 8in. longer than average tees. All of these things together both flatter your body and cover your booty, while being easily customized to accommodate different body types! 

The heavyweight, 6oz. fabric won’t fall into the lines of your bra or bunch up and cling to your body. This construction flatters every body, while still being incredibly breathable!

We are proud to say that our tees are made from a 6oz weight, 100%  USA-grown cotton that gets softer with every wash! Our side slit tees are constructed and dyed to our custom specification right in Los Angeles by workers paid a living wage. 

The 6oz cotton makes our tees a heavyweight fabric! This construction flatters every body, while still being incredibly breathable! 

Note: Our Heather Gray, Ash Gray, and V-neck tees will have a different feel than our other OG side slit tees! 

Heather Gray -  A heathered tri-blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon for a lighter weight and softer touch.

Ash Gray - A 100% heathed cotton at about a 5oz weight for a lighter weight and softer touch. 

V-Necks - A 5oz, 100% premium slug jersey cotton. Super cozy, soft, and light/mid-weight.

Our tees are constructed and dyed custom for us! Sometimes, the dying process can cause the tees to feel a little stiff prior to washing, but our 100% cotton tees will soften with each and every wash!

We specifically designed our tees to be a thicker weight 6oz cotton, all while being completely flowy and breathable. Meaning these babies are built to last! Built to flatter all body types, this material won’t fall into the lines of your bra or bunch up and cling to your body.

The Pebby Forevee LLC brand is all about comfortable and flattering fits. Our tees are specially made to be about 8 inches longer than average tees. We do this so that you don't necessarily have to "size up" to get a longer length for booty-covering purposes. 

We highly suggest taking a tee that you already own and love, and comparing measurements with our Size Guide that can be found in each Side Slit Tee listing for the most accurate fit.

Because our tees are constructed to be more of a unisex fit, the “Bust” measurement will be the same width and circumference from armpit to armpit and all the way down. 

You can lay your item out flat on a flat surface, measure straight across the width, and then double that measurement to achieve our “Bust” measurement. 

For longest wear we recommend: 

  • Turning tees inside out
  • Washing on a delicate cycle with similar items
  • Tumble dry on low heat or air dry

Yes! Our tees are pre-shrunk and will keep their shape after washing / drying.

While we do not currently offer custom designs or tailoring, we do showcase how to customize your length, side slit height, and more on Pebby's Instagram Highlight entitled "DIY FITS" that you can do yourself. There, you will receive step by step instructions on how to customize your Pebby Forevee tee. You will also receive an instruction card with each side slit tee order on how to cut the sleeves, make side slit higher, and alter the hem with just a pair of shears.

Unfortunately, we have made the decision to pause our wholesale offerings.

We want to thank you so much for trusting us with your business! We know how precious and personal a small business is, and the fact that you would trust your business baby and your customers with us means more than you could ever imagine!

While we are still growing ourselves, we have decided to pause any further production for wholesale orders, as we realized we needed to take some time to step back and care for our own E-commerce customers and our growing business!

We pride ourselves on quality and care here at Pebby Forevee, and have decided to take a break from wholesale until we feel like that is something we can put forward with our best efforts.

If and when we feel that we are able to successfully re-open our wholesale offerings, we will make an announcement at that time.

Unfortunately, we do not facilitate custom orders, but we cannot thank you enough for thinking of us for your project!

As we are growing and evolving in this ever-changing world / landscape, we are always accepting applications! 

Please shoot your resume over to, and we will forward this up the chain! 

We are most often hiring in-person employees at our Columbus, Ohio warehouse, but it’s possible new opportunities may arise for remote positions in the future! 

We want you to feel completely informed before placing an order. Each listing has a full description of each item! If you need more assistance just shoot us an email at